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The word you are looking for is "dissembling". I would define it as obfuscation for the purpose of misdirection.

My-my-my-my-my, you-you-you-you-you, oh my goodness gracious me, just you leave that to me. You can't go mixing your chickens with the pineapples and wandering up the wrong side of the garden path, goodness gracious, don't you worry about that, oh my word, goodness gracious.

Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Premier of Queensland, Australia, circa 1984

Sir Joh was famously direct and to the point when he did want to answer the question.

Here's a dictionary definition:

to hide your real intentions and feelings or the facts
“He accused the government of dissembling”


Dissembling does not require complex sentences, but this is the typical form. Dissembling that doesn't use complex sentences is likely to be very effective because it is atypical and less likely to be seen for what it is.

Dissembling focusses on the misdirection aspect. If you want a word that emphasises the pompous wind-bag aspect you want the already mentioned sesquipedalian.

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