Sanya Mae Foltz

Formal pragmatics semantics pragmatics presupposition and focus

1. Preliminaries.

Part I: Dynamic Semantics, Definites and Indefinites:.

2. Discourse Representation Theory and File Change Semantics.

3. NPs with Numeral Determiners.

4. Semantics and Pragmatics with Definite NPs.

Part II: Presupposition:.

5. Presupposition Projection: The Basic Analysis.

6. Presupposition Projection: Filtering vs. Cancellation.

7. Presupposition Projection: Interlude.

8. Presupposition Projection: Negation, Shifts in Contextual Assumptions, and Metalinguistic Operators.

9. Presupposition Projection and Accommodation.

10. More on PS Projection and Accommodation: PS Projection Below the Level of the Clause.

11. Presupposition Triggering and the Behavior of Presuppositions.

Part III: Focus:.

12. Some Basics of the Phonology of Prosody.

13. Focus and Focus Identification.

14. Focus: Focus-Induced Interpretations.

15. Problems with Focus-Induced Interpretations.

16. Association With Focus: The 'Domain Selection'/'Free Parameter' Analysis.

17. Focus: The More Complete Analysis.

18. Focus-Induced Interpretations: Some Theoretical Choices to be Made.

19. Focus and Scope.

20. Complex Focal Structures with 'Contrastive Topics'.

21. Focus and Presupposition: The Focal Presupposition and Its Interaction with Other Presuppositions.

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