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Tim Berners Lee the Director of World Wide Wed(W3C) coined the term 'Semantic Web'. Semantic Web describes methods and technology which helps machines to understand the meaning(semantics) of natural language data. Rather than a theoretical introduction the proposed talk aims to give some of the introductory concepts in Semantic Web programming with the help of Pythonic examples.


The talk will cover following: 1) Brief into to the basic concepts in Semantic Web 2) Building and Querying a Triplestore 3) Querying in Semantic Data 4) Semantic Web and Geo-coding examples 5) Usage of rdflib 6) Using rdflib and SPARQL

Profile of the authors

Biju BK is working as a software Engineer in R&D Division of 365MEDIA. He is working in the field of Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction for the last one year. He completed his Masters Degree in Computer Science from Sreekirishna College of Engineering Coimbatore.

Jaganadh G, is a consultant in Natural Language Processing at 365MEDIA Coimbatore. His major areas of interest are Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing and Machine Aided Translation Research.He is working in the field of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing for the past 5 years.

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Introduction to Semantics
Introduction to Semantics
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