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Introduction to semantics and pragmatics

This page is for the section (course number 130c/230e) accompanying Linguist 130a/230a. We will build on the technical tools introduced in the lecture, practice their use, and explore the similarities and differences of what we are doing with logic.
Section time: 5-6pm, Tuesday
Location: 260-012

  1. Intro to (basic) set theory
  2. Types of adjectives
  1. Some good (optional) resources:
  1. Functions and relations
  1. Optional reference:
  1. Lambda practice
Feb 3
  1. More lambda practice
  1. Grice, the cooperative principle, and conversational implicatures
  1. If you're looking for additional resources for this material, Levinson's Pragmatics, ch. 3 is a good overview, including the implicature tests, etc. Caution: it was originally published in 1983 (and may not have been revised for the 2008 printing).
  1. Implicature tests: cancelability and reinforceability
  2. Scalar implicatures
  1. Presuppositions and projection tests
  2. Presuppositions and determiners
Mar 3
  1. Diagnosing types of meaning
  2. Conventional implicatures, presuppositions, and backgrounding
  1. Number (9) is an interesting case, given our hypothesis about "know." What do you think is going on? Can you find other examples with "know" that work like this?
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introduction to pragmatics
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4. Introduction to Pragmatics
4. Introduction to Pragmatics
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