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HTML5 Semantic Login

I do have some comments to offer. Firstly you shouldn't need a header tag for just one element. Maybe the login or register can go in there also, depends on your design.

You are using article, now this may be because I don't know what content will go in here, but only use this tag if each piece of content will make sense on its own, eg. in an RSS feed reader. If it does fine, if not use a section tag.

You are using the section tag purely as a wrapper for the articles. You shouldn't be using this tag just as a container, the document outline algorithm will not pick up a heading for this section, so a div would suffice.

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iPhone 5 case iPhone 5S Case Automon Automon Premium Responsive Car Dealer Html5 Template Articles Needing Additional References From October 2008 beautiful design cover case.
Wireless (Yeclon)
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