Anti semantics definition

The Semantic Deception of Dialectical Theses

Part One:

Dissecting the premise and purpose of this series.

Those of you that have read my Shame Theory essay, or the Rampant Ineptitude of Modernity, know me to be critical of some of humanities' designs and tendencies, but also that I hold for us all an ultimate hope. I know that both individuals and groups of people have achieved great things in the past and I have no reason not to expect this trend to continue. Above all it is imperative that this hope remain steadfast and transparent, lest we let our anger overtake our reason. For if we are to agree that there are certain problems in the world, some of which are wholly intentional or partly perpetuated, we must also agree to react reasonably and contemplatively in the face of such maddening information. The causation may need addressing, this is not being denied, merely cautioned against. It is action alone that makes the indelible marks in life, but only right action can prove eudaemonic. Ideally, this is to be a place where you too can throw any contradictory facet of Earth culture under a logical macroscope. It is, in fact, the goal of Anti-Social Engineering, Assignee's Prerogative, the best possible authenticity.

Before we begin examining specific damages, let us develop an appreciation for what is being sought out, as defined by the title of this article. What is, “the semantic deception of dialectical theses?” Everyone knows that a “deception” is a “lie, ” so this is as good place a place as any to start our discussions. It isn't always the case that there is a “liar” telling us a “lie” when we are being deceived. A lie is a falsehood, but it is stated. An omission of information could be just as damaging and is still a deception, although not a lie. However, to deceive, to “create a deception” does involve work. Somebody or some thing has to “do something” to deliberately cause you to be deceived. So, stated or not, any deceptiveness we are about to discuss, by the rules of existence and definition, must be intentional. We will be well served by remembering this. You cannot be deceived by erroneous information that occurred “by accident, ” this is simply you deceiving yourself with erroneous information. For it to be deception, there must someone doing the deceiving.

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