In the footer sections

Footer sections

Are you saying that page numbers are missing in section 2 or that their numbering is incorrect?

If you are trying to add numbers, just double-click to activate the header of section 2 and then insert a page number field (at the insertion point) by pressing Alt+Shift+P.

To change restart options for page numbers, click in the section where the page number is incorrect and then click Insert tab | Page Number | Format Page Numbers. For example, if you want the numbering to continue from the previous section, choose that option and then click OK.

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TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord / Parachute Cord - This Is The Actual "Mil Spec" Type IV 750lb Paracord Used & Certified by the US Military (MIl-C-5040-H). It Is The Best Paracord Available. See Our Many Expert Reviews. 50Ft. - Black
  • REALLY TOUGH! 200lbs Stronger Than Common 550 Cord & Only 1/32 Thicker With 11 Triple Strands
  • MILITARY GRADE 100% Nylon - Type IV Mil-C-5040-H Mil Spec. *U.S. Military Does Not Use All Colors
  • NEVER SPLICED All 50, 100, 200 & 500 Footers Are Guaranteed Continuous. 1Ft. May Have 2 Sections
  • HOLDS SHAPE BETTER Doesn t Flatten-Out Like 550 or Cheaper Commercial-Grade Cord. See Images
  • MANY USES Great For Camping, Emergency/Disaster Prep. & Crafts Like Bracelets, Belts, Lanyards etc.
Ronix Ronix 2015 R6 80 80 FT 6 Section Mainline (Neon Yellow) Wakeboard Rope
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Footer Family Watch Me Grow - Memories and Milestones Keepsake - 4 Year Baby, Child & Parent Kit
Baby Product (Footer Family)
  • Inclues Watch Me Grow, Footer Family Foot Measue, Height tape and Calender/Height Stickers!
  • 24 pages to document children s growth & development, every 4 months, for 4 years!
  • Family FUN Keepsake, you do together with your child or grandchild! Wonderfully fun themes for each section!
  • The Footer Family Foot Measure is Accepted by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association)
  • Don t Miss a Thing! Record their Measurements and Milestones! Made in Wisconsin, USA!
Individual Software Professor Teaches Excel and Word 2010
Software (Individual Software)
  • Complete and interactive training software for Excel and Word 2010
  • Self-paced lessons allow for practicing in a realistic simulation of the software
  • Hundreds of learning lessons for beginner through advanced subjects
  • Chapters organized by learning objectives; Professor Answers offers fast help
  • Learn how to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
EC Technologies Microsoft Word 2013 Quick Reference Guide: Important Paragraph & Text Formatting Techniques (204)
CE (EC Technologies)
  • Part of a series of several quick reference guides for Word 2013, each focusing on a set of specific and important topics such as Word 2013-201: Word 2013 New Features...
  • A complete guide to learn document formatting techniques such as tabs, indents, line spacing, section breaks and more.
  • Our quick reference guides will help you learn what you want when you need it. Save valuable time and increase productivity.
  • Unlike the competition, our quick reference guides are designed with clear step by step instructions based on exercises that you perform.
  • All you need, in an illustrated, durable and easy-to-use quick reference guide.
13HTML5) CREATING SECTIONS-article-section-header-footer
13HTML5) CREATING SECTIONS-article-section-header-footer ...
05 - freebie section and
05 - freebie section and
Manage Footer Section
Manage Footer Section
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