Why are semantics important?

Local SEOWith search engine optimization methods increasingly moving to a content marketing strategy, on-page SEO factors are becoming more important than ever. Add to this the never ending rise of mobile access, and you can really start to see how a solid local SEO strategy will benefit both the web visitor and search engines.

Internet users want their search results to be fast and accurate, and webmasters need to find better ways to optimize their websites to help search engine filters identify relevant information and tag it as appropriate to the user’s query. Updating your online social profiles, and adding citations and customer reviews is a good start, but that is just the beginning of a local SEO strategy. Even with updated information and glowing reviews it can still be difficult for search engine filters to find and identify the information on your page.

By using semantic markup techniques, you can help those search engine filters to quickly find the information they’re looking for, tag it as relevant, and deliver your site in the search results.

Semantic Markup 101

Semantic HTML markup, at its most basic, is a machine readable language that is used to tell search engines and browser apps exactly what a block of information on any given page contains. Search engine filters are extremely sophisticated, and they can crawl over any website’s content to infer relevance and value. But that takes time, and search engines are designed to deliver results at top speed. By employing semantic markup techniques, you can focus the filter’s attention on specific relevant information, which it can then quickly identify and tag as desirable.

In short, semantic HTML markup is a way of indicating the meaning of web content to the search engine.

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