HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness

HTML5 section article semantics

Let’s describe some common document structures and convert them to HTML5:

A weblog article

In HTML4 we’d probably wrap the article in etc. Obviously we should use instead in HTML5.



A long article with subsections (like a thesis)

Article Title
    Section Section Section

Again the article would generally be wrapped in a in HTML4, and the subsections would only be suggested by

Section title


A weblog homepage

Weblog header Site title Search Site navigation Main content
    Weblog article Weblog article Weblog article
Secondary content Blogroll, photos, other content… Footer

All the main block-level sections of this structure would generally be s in HTML4. Using our pieces from above, in HTML5 the s should all be inside one (for main content), with the secondary content also inside a (or possibly an — more on those soon). Any independent (‘can stand alone’) chunk of content in the secondary content might also be marked up with an . Note that the semantically dedicated might consider choosing to wrap the list of articles in

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