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File sharing semantics DFS


  • dfshares- list available resources from remote or local systems


  • dfshares [-F FSType] [-h] [-o specific_options] [server...]


  • dfshares provides information about resources available to the host through a distributed file system of type FSType. specific_options as well as the semantics of server are specific to particular distributed file systems.

    If dfshares is entered without arguments, all resources currently shared on the local system are displayed, regardless of file system type.

    The output of dfshares consists of an optional header line (suppressed with the -h flag) followed by a list of lines containing whitespace-separated fields. For each resource, the fields are:

resource server access transport


resource server

Specifies the name of the system that is making the resource available.


Specifies the access permissions granted to the client systems, either ro (for read-only) or rw (for read/write). If dfshares cannot determine access permissions, a hyphen (-) is displayed.


Specifies the transport provider over which the resource is shared.

A field may be null. Each null field is indicated by a hyphen (-) unless the remainder of the fields on the line are also null; in which case, the hyphen may be omitted.


  • -F FSType

    Specify filesystem type. Defaults to the first entry in /etc/dfs/fstypes.


    Suppress header line in output.

    -o specific_options

    Specify options specific to the filesystem provided by the -F option.


    Availability SUNWcsu
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