Examples of semantics

Advertisers use semantics to deliver messages about products.Advertisers use semantics to deliver messages about products.

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Semantics is the study of the meaning behind words and phrases. The study of semantics focuses on how words relate to each other and to how the listener decodes the message. Advertisers who employ semantics in their messages must be aware of how their target audience will interpret slogans, images and ad copy. With the advent of online search engines, marketers can also employ semantics to place relevant ads in a user's search results.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising allows marketers to create ads within the context of the viewer's content. These ads on websites enable advertisers to present their message to viewers who read informational articles on a subject. For instance, if a viewers visits a website that details the steps to prevent a home invasion, the contextual advertiser will place ads for burglar alarms and home security systems along the margins to attract qualified potential customers.

Semantic Advertising

While earlier techniques relied on correlating specific words to ad placement, semantic advertising also takes the meaning of those words into account. Semantic search technology improves the accuracy and relevance of search results by interpreting the viewer's intent and the precise meaning of phrases. One example is that a viewer searching for information on a Dodge Charger will be presented with ads for parts or mechanics for that car, and not with ads for the San Diego Chargers football team.

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Dynamic Advertising

Dynamic advertising techniques employ semantic search technology to build interactive advertisements that contain real-time information. These ads typically use Adobe Flash software to display eye-catching graphics, bold sound and fast-paced animation. When these ads are connected to a database or news feed, they can show content that gives timely updates. An example of dynamic content occurs when a viewer reads an article on a company's stock outlook. The dynamic content can display the company's current stock price and its price-movement trends.

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