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Syntax semantics pragmatics morphology phonology

It includes the grammatical processes of inflection and derivation. Derivational morphemes typically indicate semantic relations within the word. On the other hand, Inflectional morphemes typically indicate syntactic or semantics relations between words in a sentence.

Phonology deals with the study of sound patterns of language. It also includes the distribution and pronunciation. It can be considered as the study of distinctive words in a language. It deals with the concept of a phoneme which is a distinctive or contrastive sound in a language.

Phonology is about the functional aspects of speech. It involves the actual sound of words which is constructed from the Phoneme. Phoneme is basically the smallest unit of pronunciation. Phonology also shares its attributes with other branches of linguistics like Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax, Morphology and Phonetics. It becomes a basis of further research in subject areas like morphology and semantics. It involves the study of both phonemes and prosody (stress, rhythm and intonation) as subsystems of spoken language.

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