HTML5 Gets an Official Logo

W3C HTML5 semantics

This logo represents HTML5, the cornerstone for modern Web applications.

What do the smaller icons represent?

The smaller technology class icons represent aspects of modern Web applications and Web sites — style, semantics, graphics, and so forth.

Are all those technology features defined in the HTML5 specification?

No, not all of them.

Is W3C saying that CSS3 is part of the HTML5 specification?

No. However, many HTML5 Web sites and applications do take advantage of CSS3 for styling and presentation.

Can I use this logo on Web applications built on HTML5?


Can I use this logo on Web sites that aren't built with HTML5?

Yes, if you are talking about or showing your support for HTML5. However, if the site is not built using HTML5, you should of course not use the logo to imply that it is.

Does this logo imply validity?

No, this logo does not imply validity or conformance.

The license says I need to attribute my usage or derivative work. Who do I attribute this to?

This work is attributed to the W3C. Suggested markup: HTML5 Logo by W3C.

Can I put this logo on stickers, t-shirts, etc?

Yes, please, we encourage creative uses of the logo! Be creative, have fun, and show your support. (See the earlier question on how the logo is licensed.)

What are the original colors?

The dark orange color is E34C26, or HSL 12° 77% 52%. The light orange color is F06529, or HSL 18° 87% 55%.

Can I change the colors and size of the logo?

Yes. (See the earlier question on how the logo is licensed.)

Who else is using this logo?, Modernizr, HTML5 Boilerplate, YouTube, Can I Use?, HTML5 Doctor, Internet Explorer Test Drive, Microsoft's Beauty of the Web, and host of other sites and apps have implemented some component of the logo and icons. Check out our gallery for a growing number of adopters.

Are HTML5 technologies ready to use?

Yes. The HTML5 specification contains a broad set of technologies at varying degrees of adoption and implementation. W3C encourages people to use the technologies (and actively calls for implementation during the Candidate Recommendation period) and provide feedback to the Working Groups in order to improve specification quality.

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